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HMC - Connected Hearts Mug (Love Poem + Playlist)
HMC - Connected Hearts Mug (Love Poem + Playlist)

HMC - Connected Hearts Mug (Love Poem + Playlist)

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❤️ Heart Mug Club™ is Introducing our enchanting Love Mug - the perfect gift to express your love and admiration! Designed and made in the USA, this ceramic mug features a delightful heart-shaped handle, symbolizing the bond you share with your special someone. A token of affection that will remind your loved ones of you whenever the use it.

We have created two versions of this mug: Male or Female Voice. Please specify your preference at the drop down menu.

❤️The Poem (Male and Female Voice Options):

"When I can't be with you, consider this my virtual hug.
My present to you, this awesome Heart Mug.
I love your vibes in every single way.
You're my number ONE! today, tomorrow, and every single day!"

❤️+PLUS! After the poem, a 20 minute (royalty-free) jazz playlist plays to get you in the good vibes mood. 

❤️This is a great gift for a male or female! Friends, lovers, family... We made the message generic enough to cover all relationships so be sure get one (or two) for your loved ones!


Production will start within 3 days that your order is placed. If you need to cancel or make a change the address, please do so within that timeframe. If you need it sooner, please email our customer service support, Charise at

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